Infrastructure Density

$55.00 / month

Infrastructure is a cornerstone benchmark when assessing the development of an area. Typically, areas that invest in infrastructure see higher productivity and growth, which can lead to economic prosperity. There is no perfect way to measure infrastructural growth and/ or development. Using a variety of variables that highlight as many aspects of society as possible one can get a sense of where there is currently infrastructural growth and where there is stagnation. That is what the Infrastructure Visualizer aims to do: easily demonstrate infrastructure potential based on various metrics.

The Infrastructure Index used in the visualizer considers various types of infrastructure types (based on their relationship to the population), general accessibility to all areas, and average internet speed. The index is an extremely powerful way of looking at a general area and determining its overall health. The visualizer is a great tool to facilitate decision making for site selection. The visualizer allows the user to select areas and see the percentile of that area compared to the rest of the island and also allows the user to filter the data based on variables that may be more applicable to their specific needs.