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What is the ETI Credit Union Profiler?

Puerto Rico’s Credit Unions are forced to offer their services in a competitive market shared by players with enormous analytical and data resources. So far this has kept the playing field uneven.

No more: Estudios Técnicos Inc is offering a set of analytical tools for Credit Unions, to help process quarterly reports of the Supervisor and Insurer, COSSEC, building metrics that help Credit Unions measure themselves with respect to the rest of the industry or to their specific target group. Additionally, the analytical tools also show the most important daily financial indicators in the industry are.

Thus, the Credit Union Profiler proves to be an indispensable platform to support strategic decision-making.



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Leslie Adames

Director of Economic Analysis and Politics at Estudios Tecnicos
DSC9944 Roberto bw

Roberto Lopez

Head of Data Analytics Division
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Graham A. Castillo

30+ years of health analytic experience