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What is the ETI Economy Profiler?

The ETI Economy Profiler takes into account various areas or the economy, locally and globally, to determine the health of areas of interest. To do so, we have created a wide array of tools that pull data from various sources. Currently available are:

PR Monthly Economic Barometer:  This is the biggest repository of normalized economic indicators for Puerto Rico. The indicators are aggregated by “family” so that the user can grasp the general trend beneath, for example, the dozen indicators on hotel performance.

Global Economy: Based on the veteran dataset compiled by TheGlobalEconomy.com, we made a tool that allows the side-by-side comparison between the selected countries. The dataset contains several decades of annual indicators for more than 200 countries. These indicators are more sophisticated and robust than other knows source, the WorldBank dataset.

Opening and Closing of Businesses: Based on Mastercard POS locations, this is the first ever indicator of which areas are enjoying a growth in the number of businesses, or a loss of them. The industry of each business is color coded, allowing to visually see, in a map, the predominance of certain type of business in certain areas.

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Marcos Valdez

Data Scientist Specialist in Auto Industry Analytics
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Graham A. Castillo

30+ years of health analytic experience
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Roberto Lopez

Head of Data Analytics Division