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ETI Analytics uses automatized data-driven insights to support the fastest business decisions making

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Periodos con mayor congestion vehicular
Accesibilidad: tiempo de acceder a la zona, tipos de carreteras, tapones y parking
Poblacion por edad
Salud Demográfica: indicadores de crecimiento, envejecimiento, y estructura familiar
Industrias con mayor cantidad de residentes empleados
Status socioeconómico: índice resumen de educación, ingreso y valor de la vivienda
Ambiente: cercanía a riesgos y activos ambientales y agrícolas

Business Intelligence

Predictive models and index

Geographic Information System Integration

Internal and External data integration

Automation of data gathering systems


Metrics development

Design of data visualizations for management decision-making and urgent issues

Improve your business's performance through data

Estudios Técnicos Inc. has the most complete database on the market, economic and social reality of Puerto Rico.

Real time data

Each project is handled following a process of organization, planning, development, research, execution, and quality control.We offer customized reports with our experts guidance to find the insights hidden in the data.

Keep a pulse on the marketplace

Our research reports and solutions offer a high level of granularity in numerous markets which help our clients to identify and prioritize opportunities.

Subscription based service

We help our customers to improve their economic value by identifying trends and insights. We also offer data subscription services which keep the customers updated with the changing demand- supply scenarios in the global market.

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